Sheryl Bourzac

Health Coaching

I always knew I wanted to be a nurse from the time my Mom bought me a Golden Book titled Nurse Nancy with a Band-Aid stuck in the inside back cover. I was hooked and to this day I love the smell of band-aids. I love Nursing as well and have made that my life's passion. I currently practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner in addition to Health Coaching.

Working in family practice, I saw daily the results of poor eating manifest itself in stress, anxiety, depression, poor sleep, obesity, hypertension, and uncontrolled diabetes. “What I started to notice … ” was that the people sick with chronic disease, struggling to manage their diseases, were using only modern medicine. I knew most of these diseases could be controlled, or even eliminated, simply by making small lifestyle changes and changing the types of food we eat. I became passionate about sharing this information in a way that I could not do while I was in practice.

Because of my nursing background I have always had a love for health, especially preventive health. I have always felt it is much easier to be “in” good health than to fight my way “out” of bad health. This thinking carried over into the foods that I consumed as well. I wanted to consume the most nutritious and safest foods possible for me, as well as my family.

About 15 years ago my husband and I became interested in organic farming. Because I was in nursing, I was aware of stories of the food industry placing antibiotics and hormones in our foods. The hormones, we learned, were causing young girls to enter puberty at an earlier age and the antibiotics, well … we’ve all heard the horrors of antibiotics and how we are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics due to their overuse. This knowledge caused me to seek better ways to nourish myself and my family. We had always had a home garden; now we eliminated the chemicals.

Gradually, we began to eliminate processed foods, and more and more we canned and froze the food that we grew. We sought out organic sources of meat and milk as well. With these changes in our eating, I have been able to maintain excellent health. I also noticed I wasn’t craving sugar like before and my husband was able to quit taking the blood pressure and cholesterol medication that he had been taking. I knew then I was onto something and knew that if I could teach my clients about how to implement these changes, they too could experience improved health and age healthfully.

However, it wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I found myself without a job and searching for a better way to practice that I heard about health coaching. Through health coaching I am able to teach clients how to age healthy simply by providing them with the right system, right support and the right accountability.

My goal as a health coach is help people age healthy, to find and experience their optimal health, no matter their age. To help them live the healthiest, longest life possible for them, free of the debilitation of disease.

Please join me, in helping you, become the BEST EVER version of yourself.